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Music Lights Up The Brain

What is bilateral music?

Bilateral music is any type of music that is edited to constantly move back and forth from the left to the right side of your headphones. It was first created for use with bilateral psychotherapy techniches such as EMDR. Now, however, it is used to relax, reduce anxiety, enhance sports performance, improve study habits, increase memory and retention, assist with healing from strokes and more.

Headphones improve results

Headphones help move the sound directly from one side of your head to the other.  Without headphones, the sound is less focused and, therefore, less effective.

Try It Out

Put on a pair of headphones and listen to these two samples. In the first sample you can hear the music move back and forth.  In the second sample, it’s moving, but you most likely won’t be able to tell.


by Bilateral Music | Sample of Unmasked Bilateral Music

Bilateral music can be designed to move obviously from left to right as in this example. Some people find the gentle rocking motion of the music to be relaxing.

Gentle Surf

by Bilateral Music | Sample of Masked Bilateral Music

Bilateral Music can also be designed with a track overlay that masks the movement. Some people find this masked form less distracting.